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Any business not selling, up-selling and cross selling on-hold is losing revenues by the minute!

Either your customers are waiting and waiting or hanging up, or they are not noticing the wait at all because they are hearing a fun and friendly couple talking about the many products and services of your business!

There is no doubt that Bob and Anne on hold increases your sales and builds customer loyalty. Your callers are waiting for you right now to give them something great to keep them holding on for you. Call us now 847.854.1111.

Remember, for those calling you for the first time from an ad or word of mouth, your on-hold is the first impression they get of you and your "attitude." Make the most of it to let them hear that yours is a friendly customer focused business.

Here's what you get with every On-Hold production:

  • Each message script is fully personalized for your business from information you provide. We've had a lot of experience with On-Hold for a variety of businesses so know how to put your message across. Plus, we are professional script writers who have written hundreds of presentation scripts for everything from videos to on-hold. Pro writing gets you an exceptional program. Every time.

  • Fully licensed music - much of it original - no additional royalty fees

  • More Voices More of the Time - Anne and Bob together on all of your programs. 2 voices on all programs for the cost of one. No additional fees or residuals for voice talent.!

  • You Pick your Schedule - we deliver new programs when you need over the life of your yearly subscription. Our technology makes it easy to email you a new on-hold program for your playback system or even load it directly into your system over the internet.

  • Upgrade When You Want - add more programs to your yearly rotation to keep your clients "tuned-in" to your On-Hold messages (It's a common occurrence for clients on hold to ask to be put back on hold to "hear the rest") Really!

  • Your choice of media - CD, cassette, endless loop, or downloadable media - whatever your system requires.

  • Support - to keep you up and running year around

  • Guaranteed Media Replacement - all programs are warranted against loss, theft, or damage for the term of your subscription. FREE REPLACEMENT

  • BIG multiple location discounts and "fleet service" for your locations around the globe.

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and others found that:
  • Nearly 70% of all callers are placed on hold for an average of 45 to 60 seconds each

  • With silence on hold, 60% of callers hang up in less than a minute.

  • 30% who hang up won't call back

  • Radio on-hold may be carrying advertising
    for your competition

  • 94% of advertising budgets are spent to produce calling and yet only 6% is spent
    to handle the call once it comes in.


On-Hold Marketing is a Vision of Creative Core
, a Marketing and Media Company near Chicago, a provider of comprehensive Promotional and Marketing Services.

BobAnneOnHold.com specializing in unique and involving On-Hold marketing messages that make waiting wonderful. Entertaining messages crafted to get your callers connected to information about your company, services and products.

Questions? ASK Bob & Anne. We answer them all.




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