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It's easy to get your own personalized Bob and Anne on-hold message:
  • Consultation and advice on how to best use On-Hold marketing within your overall marketing program.

  • Researching your business, customers, and "getting a feel" for your business style and attitude.

  • Reading your website, literature, and other business related documents you supply.

  • Initial scripting and/or editing.

  • The first time we prepare a script for you it takes more time than will future updates.

We have a number of cost effective bundles with equipment and messages. Please let us know what you are looking for and we can give you a quote for your specific needs.

Each on-hold program is from 3 to 6 minutes of continuous programming from Anne and Bob with appropriate music behind - but no music if not appropriate. Seasonal music will be used on holiday segments as you prefer.

The production fee includes update scripting, professional voicing (male & female), copyright cleared music licenses, digital studio production, mixing and delivery.

High quality .mp3 Equipment designed specifically for on-hold system use is available for purchase. Starting at $250 with easy update features, these models will make it easy to discard your old unit.

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For more information please check our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

If you are ready to go or need more information, contact Bob or Anne:



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  US West Communications studies shows that MESSAGES ON HOLD:
  • Reduce hang ups by 40%
  • Keep your callers on line up to 2 minutes longer
  • Increase caller inquiries by 15%
  • 16% to 20% of callers made a purchase based on the On-Hold message
  • 9 out of 10 callers preferred a message to music and/or silence


On-Hold Marketing is a Vision of Creative Core
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BobAnneOnHold.com specializing in unique and involving On-Hold marketing messages that make waiting wonderful. Entertaining messages crafted to get your callers connected to information about your company, services and products.

Questions? ASK Bob & Anne. We answer them all.




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