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Bob Sandidge WROY Radio 1959 | Professional Voice Talent

A one time or first on hold production including:

Script (from your notes, literature, web site), Anne and Bob professional voices, Studio, Digital Production, .mp3 conversion, delivery.        $450

Quote for multiple messages and competitive monthly fees for ongoing programs.

Radio - TV - Podcast - Trade Show - Training - Video - Media - voice over - quote by project.


Bob Sandidge Professional Audio Design & Voice Over

Need On-Hold Player?

I've been producing
audio since I began my
broadcasting career while  still in High School.
My favorite thing was producing spots and intros and bumpers for use in the various shows and newscasts.

I moved from radio into corporate work for the Wurlitzer company where I voiced and produced training and promo materials for them.

I started my first corporate communications and media production company in 1971 - ow! that's a while ago. Sold that in '98 to scale down and focus on audio work and to give my friends and associates some marketing assistance. I moved my 16 track studio to my home  where I immediately covered up the 16 track mixing board with a desk top for computer and monitors. The reel to reel decks were banished to the garage. I went from editing with razor blades (something I actually liked a lot!) to editing digital waveforms. Faster than blades for sure - and more precise.

Sound Forge Acid Pro took over the work of the 16 track deck which is now a decorative relic in the bedroom. You have to like this stuff to be able to appreciate a pretty big tape deck as a "decoration."

Thanks to the internet and .mp3's Anne and I provide voices and production for people, companies, and agencies all across the country. English is our only language so far but we are working on Spanish so we can move into that international market. 


  Bob Sandidge is an experienced audio pro who has produced hundreds of tracks for video,  presentations, training programs, trade shows, films, spots and other audio promotions
  • Full featured Digital Studio
  • Sony Sound Forge
  • Sony Acid Pro
  • Original Scoring & Libraries
  • Audio Concept & Design
  • Ambient Tracks
  • Audio Processor Effects
  • Phone patch for remote Directing and phone interviews
  • Conference lines for multi-member panel interviews and round tables
  • Project Server for uploading larger audio files for easy client download
  • Podcast and Audio clip web hosting
  • Web Hosting & Marketing


On-Hold Marketing is a Vision of Creative Core
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BobAnneOnHold.com specializing in unique and involving On-Hold marketing messages that make waiting wonderful. Entertaining messages crafted to get your callers connected to information about your company, services and products.

Questions? ASK Bob & Anne. We answer them all.




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